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1. Name: Steph 2. Sexuality: straight 3. Nationality: portuguese 4.… - Os Portugueses Belos [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 30th, 2004|04:27 pm]


1. Name: Steph
2. Sexuality: straight
3. Nationality: portuguese
4. Location: an overwhelmingly portuguese little massachusetts suburb
5. Age: 15
6. Drugs/Alcohol : i dont do either but i dont wanna put down anyone who does
7. Abortion : i guess it seems kinda wrong, killing a baby who has no control over what you do to it, but if i was in a situation where i was pregnant and didnt wanna be, id want the option of having an abortion. i definetly dont think it should be outlawed, because then people will just have it done illegally and thats dangerous and wont solve anything
8. Gay marriage: the constitution says egual rights for all, and that includes marriage. not civil unions, that is not equal. someone could argue that the dictionary defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, but which is more powerful, the dictionary or the constitution?
9. Death Penalty: i dont know how i feel abou this one. i guess it should only be used in extreme cases.
10. Portuguese Gov't: i really dont know much about the portuguese government
11. Bands: geto boys, the pharcyde, talib kweli, common
12. Music: i mostly listen to old-school hip-hop, the only new stuff i really like is the socially concious kind of political stuff like kweli.
13. What do you do for fun: i run cross country and track, but in my little free time i mostly just listen to music or read or something mellow like that.
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: penis
15. Country Music: death
16. Pink: cotton candy
17. Como estas?: tired
18. Pimpin': hoes
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...
i dont have any pics yet, new computer. ill get some soon.