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uh hi.. i'm like the second applicant woooo... [Dec. 5th, 2004|11:52 pm]
[mood |gigglywouldn't you like to know ?;)]
[music |American Idiot-Green Day]

Copy and paste the application: (Obrigado!)
1. Name:
2. Sexuality:
3. Nationality:
4. Location:Rhode Island aka-Suburbia
5. Age:15
6. Drugs/Alcohol :Both really suck..and guess what// their bad for your health..and guess what you'll die. But drinking isn't as bad...like i mean if your 21 going to the clubs once in a while isn't going to kill you.Drugs=effed up.
7. Abortion :I think everyone should have the option, but i don't really approve of it..but i still think the government should stay out of a women's uteris..ya know?
8. Gay marriage:Sure why not.. The gender of a person shouldn't matter when it comes to love.
9. Death Penalty:All for it..if somebody kills somebody..well he should like deserve what he did to that person.
10. Portuguese Gov't:Have no clue, sorry.
11. Bands:Starlight,Nelia,American Hi-Fi, Green Day,Maroon 5,Obliterated By Jake(my band..hah), and The Killers.
12. Music:Really diverse, everything and anything
13. What do you do for fun:Basketball..ok its my life.,go to a lot of portuguese feasts, dancing's my Skill...haha, going to the mall with friends, drawing..uh there's more.but whatever.
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex:Marriage
15. Country Music:Ok..i guess
16. Pink:elle woods
17. Como estas?:spanish
18. Pimpin':my ride
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...