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Application [Jan. 7th, 2005|08:19 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |chingy-onecall away]

Name: BeloPortugal
About: Copy and paste the application: (Obrigado!)
1. Name: Serena
2. Sexuality: Bisexual
3. Nationality: Portuguese + German
4. Location: CT
5. Age: 15
6. Drugs/Alcohol : I drink everyonce in a while. But drugs are different. I've seen it rip whole families to pieces. Its just not worth the risk.
7. Abortion : For. A womans choice. Not everyone can afford a baby, or even physically have one without complications.. and lets not forget the rape victims
8. Gay marriage: FOr.
9. Death Penalty: Against.
10. Portuguese Gov't: I dont know much about it.
11. Bands:Nelly Furtado-GlassJaw-MSI-Zeppelin-Pac-No Doubt-PoisonTheWell- The Steve Miller Band-Jason Mraz-Manson-Nas-Dean Martin-DMX-The doors-JayZ-Slipknot-Limp Bizkit-Lauryn Hill-Fiona Apple-Chilli Peppers-Beastie Boys-Eminem-Petey Pablo-Korn-Ludacris-Finch-Incubus-Rage- Snoop-Juvinille-Atreyu-Nina Sky
12. Music: I like ragge-ton, rap, r and b, some pop, metal, punk, rap metal
13. What do you do for fun: I'm a dancer
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: Love. and please people. BE responsible.
15. Country Music: Not my thing, but i got nothing against it.
16. Pink: Ladies
17. Como estas?: Estoy bien
18. Pimpin': the hoes
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...

on the left

(in the middle)