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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2005|12:46 am]

1. Name: Lillian
2. Sexuality: Open minded
3. Nationality: Portuguese, born here in London though
4. Location: London, England
5. Age: 18
6. Drugs/Alcohol : *thumbs up*
7. Abortion : Not against it, but I wouldnt personally do it.
8. Gay marriage: Nothing wrong with two same sex getting married
9. Death Penalty: If they killed loads and loads people and admitted it
10. Portuguese Gov't: Pah, not interested in politics. But their hostipal system could be better.
11. Bands: Ah, I like too many different ones
12. Music: Am into different genres
13. What do you do for fun: Get drunk. Or be with my boy
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: James
15. Country Music: Garth Brooks
16. Pink: flange
17. Como estas?: Ta bom?! :X
18. Pimpin': James
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|10:37 pm]

1. Name: Christina
2. Sexuality: Heterosexual
3. Nationality: Portuguese/Canadian
4. Location: Vale do Ave, Portugal
5. Age: 15
6. Drugs/Alcohol : Cannabis should be legalized (why should one prohibit something that grows naturally, and besides, it can be used as a treatment is some diseases such as PMS, glaucoma and arthritis). As for alcohol, they should -always- ask for an ID, I know some kids who are my age and get drunk every Saturday night.
7. Abortion : I'm pro-choice, but it's a very unlikely thing for me to do.
8. Gay marriage: All for it!
9. Death Penalty: Gah, no.
10. Portuguese Gov't: This place is too corrupt for a well-functioning gov't to operate. Kill the corruption, and then work with it.
11. Bands: U2, R.E.M., Green Day, Blink 182, Humanos, D'ZRT!
12. Music: (see above)
13. What do you do for fun: Sleep! Read, eat, play the piano, watch movies, surf the internet, swim
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: Yes, please! (I watch too many movies.)
15. Country Music: Yee-haw!
16. Pink: Britney
17. Como estas?: Bem, obrigado.
18. Pimpin': Style
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics... (I'm too paranoid, sorry!)
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2005|02:20 pm]
[mood |crankylike whoa!]
[music |Odio: Dentro do estadio]

1. Name: David Freitas
2. Sexuality: VERY straight!
3. Nationality: Medeira/Douro Portugues
4. Location: Lisboa
5. Age: 23
B.Views: Nacional Socialista
6. Drugs/Alcohol :.....:}
7. Abortion :Yes
8. Gay marriage:NO
9. Death Penalty: YES
10. Portuguese Gov't:D. Afonso Henriques
11. Bands: Odio, Legion of thor, Pantheon, Absurd, Leviathan, Drudkh
12. Music: NSBM
13. What do you do for fun: Morte aos traidores
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: Mediterannea women
15. Country Music:Bleh:(
16. Pink: Fags
17. Como estas?: I hate spain
18. Pimpin': I am sooo pimpin
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics... I dont know how to add pictures in Livejournal, but here is a link to a photo album that has some pictures of me..

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(no subject) [Jan. 10th, 2005|12:28 pm]
Ladies-Go to __bella_bonitas
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minha introdução [Jan. 7th, 2005|06:24 am]

1. Name: kalani
2. Sexuality: pq é importante pra pôr esta questão?
3. Nationality: americano, mas minhas étnicidades - havaiano, chinês, madeirense e filipino
4. Location: moro em los angeles
5. Age: não posso dizer, hahaha
6. Drugs/Alcohol :
7. Abortion :
8. Gay marriage:
9. Death Penalty:
10. Portuguese Gov't:
11. Bands:
12. Music:
13. What do you do for fun:

D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex:
15. Country Music:
16. Pink:

17. Como estas?: que formal
18. Pimpin': pra os moleques
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...Collapse )
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Application [Jan. 7th, 2005|08:19 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |chingy-onecall away]

Name: BeloPortugal
About: Copy and paste the application: (Obrigado!)
1. Name: Serena
2. Sexuality: Bisexual
3. Nationality: Portuguese + German
4. Location: CT
5. Age: 15
6. Drugs/Alcohol : I drink everyonce in a while. But drugs are different. I've seen it rip whole families to pieces. Its just not worth the risk.
7. Abortion : For. A womans choice. Not everyone can afford a baby, or even physically have one without complications.. and lets not forget the rape victims
8. Gay marriage: FOr.
9. Death Penalty: Against.
10. Portuguese Gov't: I dont know much about it.
11. Bands:Nelly Furtado-GlassJaw-MSI-Zeppelin-Pac-No Doubt-PoisonTheWell- The Steve Miller Band-Jason Mraz-Manson-Nas-Dean Martin-DMX-The doors-JayZ-Slipknot-Limp Bizkit-Lauryn Hill-Fiona Apple-Chilli Peppers-Beastie Boys-Eminem-Petey Pablo-Korn-Ludacris-Finch-Incubus-Rage- Snoop-Juvinille-Atreyu-Nina Sky
12. Music: I like ragge-ton, rap, r and b, some pop, metal, punk, rap metal
13. What do you do for fun: I'm a dancer
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: Love. and please people. BE responsible.
15. Country Music: Not my thing, but i got nothing against it.
16. Pink: Ladies
17. Como estas?: Estoy bien
18. Pimpin': the hoes
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...

on the left

(in the middle)

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(no subject) [Dec. 30th, 2004|04:27 pm]

1. Name: Steph
2. Sexuality: straight
3. Nationality: portuguese
4. Location: an overwhelmingly portuguese little massachusetts suburb
5. Age: 15
6. Drugs/Alcohol : i dont do either but i dont wanna put down anyone who does
7. Abortion : i guess it seems kinda wrong, killing a baby who has no control over what you do to it, but if i was in a situation where i was pregnant and didnt wanna be, id want the option of having an abortion. i definetly dont think it should be outlawed, because then people will just have it done illegally and thats dangerous and wont solve anything
8. Gay marriage: the constitution says egual rights for all, and that includes marriage. not civil unions, that is not equal. someone could argue that the dictionary defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, but which is more powerful, the dictionary or the constitution?
9. Death Penalty: i dont know how i feel abou this one. i guess it should only be used in extreme cases.
10. Portuguese Gov't: i really dont know much about the portuguese government
11. Bands: geto boys, the pharcyde, talib kweli, common
12. Music: i mostly listen to old-school hip-hop, the only new stuff i really like is the socially concious kind of political stuff like kweli.
13. What do you do for fun: i run cross country and track, but in my little free time i mostly just listen to music or read or something mellow like that.
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: penis
15. Country Music: death
16. Pink: cotton candy
17. Como estas?: tired
18. Pimpin': hoes
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...
i dont have any pics yet, new computer. ill get some soon.
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uh hi.. i'm like the second applicant woooo... [Dec. 5th, 2004|11:52 pm]
[mood |gigglywouldn't you like to know ?;)]
[music |American Idiot-Green Day]

Copy and paste the application: (Obrigado!)
1. Name:
2. Sexuality:
3. Nationality:
4. Location:Rhode Island aka-Suburbia
5. Age:15
6. Drugs/Alcohol :Both really suck..and guess what// their bad for your health..and guess what you'll die. But drinking isn't as bad...like i mean if your 21 going to the clubs once in a while isn't going to kill you.Drugs=effed up.
7. Abortion :I think everyone should have the option, but i don't really approve of it..but i still think the government should stay out of a women's uteris..ya know?
8. Gay marriage:Sure why not.. The gender of a person shouldn't matter when it comes to love.
9. Death Penalty:All for it..if somebody kills somebody..well he should like deserve what he did to that person.
10. Portuguese Gov't:Have no clue, sorry.
11. Bands:Starlight,Nelia,American Hi-Fi, Green Day,Maroon 5,Obliterated By Jake(my band..hah), and The Killers.
12. Music:Really diverse, everything and anything
13. What do you do for fun:Basketball..ok its my life.,go to a lot of portuguese feasts, dancing's my Skill...haha, going to the mall with friends, drawing..uh there's more.but whatever.
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex:Marriage
15. Country Music:Ok..i guess
16. Pink:elle woods
17. Como estas?:spanish
18. Pimpin':my ride
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics...

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(no subject) [Jul. 13th, 2004|12:12 pm]
1. Name: Jess-Andre
2. Sexuality: i like mulheres
3. Nationality: Portuguese
4. Location: NoCA and Port.
5. Age: Guess
6. Drugs/Alcohol: drugs no, alcohol- of courrse
7. Abortion : im catholic
8. Gay marriage: hm, maybe
9. Death Penalty: chop off their head
10. Portuguese Gov't: its better than american
11. Bands: Something corp., Oasis , Rui Caralho (PT), Radiohead
12. Music: Bossa, Rock
13. What do you do for fun: girls
D.We give you words and say another word(s)
14. Sex: anywhere
15. Country Music: gotta go
16. Pink: girl
17. Como estas?: bem obrigado
18. Pimpin': ha
E. Show yo'self
19. 3 pics... this mite take a while and there were others in them so there chopped
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